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The Oracle
This is where we will sum up the current events of the roleplay for those rejoining the fray, and bring attention to people who might need someone to join them to keep it going.
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Roleplay has not yet started...
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... There was said to have been an ancient order in years past in these parts. Now, only ruins remain, and an eerie silence. Or so it must seem. But the old winds are stirring, calling The Descendants home. There are remnants of an ancient civilisation, and now wisdom and traditions that were once long lost shall be rediscovered. It is only a matter of time before the Kosmikos Genesi shall return.
Roleplay has not yet started. We still have to freshen up our characters/biographies, the roleplay areas, guides, etc. before we can be re-released to the public. Please bare with us!
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This is where new staff members, announcements (such as needing roleplayers for pups or in-game events) will be posted for the general public.

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 Skill Guide | Guide

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Skill Guide | Guide Empty
PostSubject: Skill Guide | Guide   Skill Guide | Guide EmptyThu Jun 26, 2014 2:53 pm

New members will have to divide a total of 250 (100 for pups) skill points among the following skill sets. These will help decipher what happens to your wolf, and how well they are at certain jobs. It can also decide whether you may have pups, or if they will not make it.

Agriculture: Agriculture can be useful to a few different ranks, primarily Demeters. Though it also comes in handy for other ranks such as Apollos - knowing to grow herbs/plants you need for common medical purposes is a big help. Aphrodites - our love experts - can always have a field of fresh roses and flowers for "first dates" when they tell two wolves they seem right for one another. Cicres - our clan brewers - need ingredients to make the perfect potion, sometimes rare plants are involved. It would help a lot knowing how to properly grow what you need and always have a supply.
Agriculture skill determines how good of a gardener you are. Each time you tend a plant, how much health you give it is based off this skill: A quarter of the points you have in it will be how much health you give the plant.

Alchemy: Alchemy can be handy to ANY rank whatsoever - it's a very positive skill to obtain (as long as you know what you're doing). It can provide you with many positive outcomes and can help save lives. If you are truly gifted with this skill, you may become a Cicre, or even be given a job by Dolos and receive discounts or get paid by him. However, in the wrong paws, alchemy can be dangerous and cause long term effects.
It determines how good a potion is, if you made it right, and if it'll work or not.

Brawn: Brawn is your strength, this skill is important if you are an Ares, Artemis, Aphros, or Itus - power is very important to your role. The stronger you are, the larger prey you can take down. Or if you are a protector, it make fending off predators easier for you. Though the negative affect is it will slow you down quite a bit if you have a large amount of muscle mass.
Brawn is used to determine your hit points. Every 20 you have in this skill will add 10 hit points to your attacks.

Medical: Medical ability is of course very important if you are an Apollo, being our form of healers- they must have a high knowledge of injuries and diseases and their cures. They often know much about herbs, their uses or their dangers.
Medical is used to determine how many health points you give you your patient. Every 20 you have in this skill will add 10 health points to your patient.

Agility: Agility is how fast you are and how well you carry yourself in all terrain. Our Hesykhia, Hermes, and Artemis wolves are often the ones with many points in this skill set. The fast and lighter you are on your feet, the higher chance of catching up to prey. Along with our spies and messengers, they sneak about and run quickly if spotted when they were in hiding. This is a useful skill to have, able to outrun danger (or run towards it if you want to help) or the chance to win in every race you enter! This skill is highly prized and needed for many jobs.
Agility is used for hunting.

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Skill Guide | Guide
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